Clarifying expectations, position and pay rate

Who doesn’t love ginormous smiles on teams that look like this?

But how does one shift the smile on people faces from an elusive butterfly to an every day sighting?

One way to approach this complex subject is  to create a fair and precise strategic compensation plan that takes the mystery out of the mustard.

Can you put that in writing?

Yes!  We can!   That’s what we do.

Strategic total compensation infrastructures are the foundation for high engagement and high performance.

When you’re not sure, like when you’re wondering “Am I paying too much?  Am I paying too little?  What job title should this person have?  Do we need a whole new position to get this job done?  Do we have too many people doing the same thing?”  We help you help figure it all out and write it all down for you in a clear, accessible format.

Established compensation philosophies and programs give company managers and HR Departments the framework and the information they need to make great people decisions more quickly and easily.

And with a solid, working foundation from which to build your beautiful business, you’ll see the evidence of this infrastructure working in your highly engaged and high performing people power!


Some people!

In the workplace, some of us are older than others.  Some of us are younger.  Some who are older have less street smarts than those who are younger, but maybe the value we bring is book smarts or life experience.  Some of us may think we know it all already.  Some are eager to learn.

Our philosophy is that all ages and levels of experience have value.  And our work with you is to assign names and numbers to the varied ways each employee adds value to the workplace.  This way, we all know what’s happening and how it happens.  There’s a clear path to getting where we all want to go and thats UP!

spiral by Khairul Nizam cc

But creating a fair and precise compensation is just one part of building a beautiful business and only one small piece of our particular brand of helping you make the magic happen.  And, of course, what’s right for you might not be right for the next guy.  That’s why we listen first.

Let’s get this going!   The first step is here!




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