Highly Engaged People Power!

We believe most people care about that in which they have ownership.  We’ve observed that when people do not feel a sense of ownership or when they believe they are not being heard or supported, they often withdraw their energy from the circumstance.  This is known as disengagement.

The cost of disengagement is high and of course, non-productive.

What disengaged behaviors might look like:

  • Phone time & not in a good way:  Let’s say John is always on the phone, maybe he’s taking calls from recruiters, talking to his girlfriend or gossiping with co-workers.
  • Internet searching and not job related:  maybe Susan is constantly looking up salaries or doing a job searches.
  • Spending time on social media or messaging:  Charlie’s favorite hashtag is #thisismenotdoingmywork
  • The blame game:  “Oops!,” Shari says.  “I missed my deadline but it’s Shelia’s fault not mine.”
  • Sabotage or undermining:  George says, “You know that idea Harry told you about in the meeting?  It was really my idea!”


What highly engaged behaviors might look like:

  • John’s at his desk after quitting time.  When you ask about that, he says, “Oh!  I just really wanted to finish this thing I’m working on!”
  • George shows us at the meeting telling you about a great idea Harry just shared with him.
  • Charlie only tweets at home.
  • John’s ear has begun to heal since he’s no longer talking on the phone to his girlfriend all day.
  • Shari finishes her projects early and wants to know what’s next!


We know you want to see highly engaged behaviors and we want that for you!

Let us help you discover what is possible with highly engaged people who are consciously partnering together.  We’ll be right there with you as you achieve your organization’s vision and goals.

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