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From high technology start-ups to non-profits, from construction companies to chambers of commerce, from science labs where employees handle multi-million dollar equipment to insurance associations, from privately held corporations to public organizations, we have happily served a wide variety of clients.

We have partnered with companies whose people power numbers as few as seven and with companies with teams numbering as many as six-hundred.

Clients we’ve served have revenues ranging from under three million to over four-hundred million, so far.

Here is a list of a few companies with whom we’ve partnered:

  • Newgistics
  • Communities in Schools
  • Management Information Analysis
  • Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
  • Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Association
  • Texas Medical Malpractice Association
  • Viagen Athens Group
  • Hoovers
  • Eurway Furniture Store
  • BroadJump
  • PremierHR
  • SAP Consultants
  • Scott Sani-Fresh
  • Lancer Corporation
  • City of Austin’s Design and Construction Project Engineers Division

And here is a list of some of the ways we’ve partnered to make things better:

  • Developed and conducted custom salaries and benefits surveys: How does what you’re doing compare to the current market?
  • Created strategic compensation programs from scratch: Who does what and how much they make for it,  made clear
  • Built Variable Pay Incentive Programs: Yay!  You did well.  Here’s your reward!
  • Updated infrastructure to be market competitive: Now you can strut your stuff!
  • Customized Retention Programs: We really like your work and want you to stay!
  • Customized Severance Programs: Nobody wants to talk about this, but we must.


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A Before & After Look:

We helped build a Strategic Compensation Infrastructure for an affiliate marketing company.  This is where the company started:

  • Compensation plan was piecemeal
  • Pay was not looked at collectively or comprehensively
  • Job descriptions were incomplete
  • No established job ladders or career paths
  • Uncertainty about market competitiveness of the pay structure and individual employees’ pay

And this is how we changed things together by implementing a Strategic Compensation Program:

  • Job Descriptions were complete
  • Job Tracks and Levels were established
  • Career Paths became clear
  • Performance Management Programs were in place
  • Market Competitive Base Pay Salary Ranges were developed
  • Variable Pay Incentive Cash Bonus Program put into action
  • Benefits were offered
  • Recognition Programs optimized employee engagement


Dream On!

Don’t see what you are looking for here?  No matter!  Whether you are a small, start-up or a major corporation, we are prepared to help you make any move or change you can dream up.

Even if you have no idea what might be going wrong or what next steps might be good for you:  no pressure.  We do!  We can help you dream up what might be a good next step for you with one of our Let’s Talk About It beginnings.

Or if an old fashioned phone call is okay with you, we’d love to hear your voice.  Let’s chat!



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