Building Partnerships

First, we listen.  We want to know how things are going right for you.  We want to know how things might be better.  We want to hear your ideas.

Then we’ll decide together what interactions with topics from our established menu might help to move you forward most effectively.  And, as always, if you don’t see what interests you here, we can design the kind of interaction you need from our plethora of resources.

Working in true partnership is not like following a template since it requires personal growth and development which brings about real change from the inside.  And we promise, as you practice and implement these ideas and behaviors, others around you will want to be like you. Being the reflective, balanced, capable person you are, you’ll know how to create a partnership with them so you can grow together.

Here is a short explanation of the partnership model and below are some samples of topics we’ve designed to interact with HR managers, mid-level managers, and employees that we’ve found helpful.  These we’ve facilitated as hour-long, interactive sessions or in sets of one or more together, making a half-day, day-long or multi-day mini-continuing education retreat experience.

Think buffet.  Big buffet.  All you can eat or a few bites of your favorites at a time.  Either way, we are certain you’ll come away satisfied.


This model provides:

  • Specific, learn-able skills.
  • Doable, step-by-step actions for change anyone can practice and implement.
  • Tools you can start using to make a difference right away
  • A new and unique approach to business management that empowers and reinvigorates everyone in the organization to reach new heights together
  • Illumination of and then elimination of the hidden frictional costs no one talks about but which drastically slow your organization down
  • Insights to help you better understand why you and others do what you do and how to change that (hint: it’s the brain)
  • Practices that become part of your pattern of behavior or your “go-to” model of being.


A few topics on the menu:

  •  Can I Order Off the Menu?: Asking for the not so ordinary
  • My Way or the Highway: How overbearing hurts
  • Are We There Yet?: When to use win/win deal making strategies
  • Let’s Do This!: Practicum in making win/win deals


Do we have your attention?  Jump in or ask questions here!