What’s first? Let’s talk!

An Initial Interview

We believe in listening first.  So, we’d like to start a conversation with you.

We promise not to stand in front of you and tell you we know how to fix things before we’ve listened to you and considered your ideas.

We are interested in knowing specifically what’s happening with you, where you’ve been and where you want to go.

We want to know what you love about what’s happening and what you might like to see change.

We’d like to ask you a few questions like:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How much people power do you have in numbers?
  • How long, on average, does each of your people work for you?
  • How would you describe the climate of your workplace?  Is it friendly and open?
  • Does everyone in your organization know exactly what’s expected of them?
  • How did you find the last, most wonderful person you found?
  • What are you doing to keep that person around and feeling supported?
  • Do they know how they can move up within your organization?

Next, together, we can look at how what you are doing compares with what other businesses like yours are doing that seems successful and mutually beneficial to all concerned.

We are exploring current trends and gathering information about how the business world is turning all the time and we’d like to add your input to our resource well.

This is very helpful to us and is a part of our service to you, so there are no associated fees.  Of course, after we listen and dialogue together, we hope you’ll find that there are many ways we might work together going forward.

Let’s start a conversation today!